What does TREEEC mean for enterprises?

Posted on July 20, 2018, 12:28 pm
3 mins

An unusual name, an unusual idea. TREEEC is an initiative and a project to build a better and more stable economic order not with nice talk but with practical solutions to make business easier and better – regionally, nationally and internationally.

The problems we have are often the result of an elbow policy, in the economy as well, which has brought us, for example, the millions of refugees. Do we also remember that they are driven out of their home countries by war, misery and environmental destruction, in which we as industrialized countries have lived out and are still living out our selfish political and economic interests? This cannot go on like this any longer.

In addition, there are political egoists and egomaniacs as well as national encapsulators, not only in the United States, but also in Europe and Germany, who have no scruples with their retro politics and personal drive for conservation of power to make matters worse and worser.

As a result, our economy has become even more fragile, global imbalances are increasing and crises have been programmed. Especially financial crises. What if the EURO crashes? Or even the US-Dollar? With the puffed up financial and monetary system, which seems to have learned little to nothing from the crisis in 2008 and also keeps the money supply growing unchecked, that would not that be surprising? Or is it? And do you really believe that “our” politicians have everything under control?

But let’s stay with TREEEC. What the new money means and how it is used, what crypto and smart contracts have to do with it, and what tools are available for companies to do business more easily and without reliance on credit and export insurance the websites of TREEEC: treeec.org tell it.

To make that possible we’re just launching a special ICO, an Initial Coin Offering, which, admittedly, is somewhat unusual in its kind because it’s substantive and meaningful. To make TREEEC what it should be. Not only for individuals, but also for powerful companies and innovative projects that connect with TREEEC and thus come to the “safe side”.

If you have questions, ask. Criticism is also welcome if it is substantial. Because it helps us improve TREEEC. For this you have the opportunity for example via Facebook. And think about when you want to join. That’s not a question of “if”, because at some point you will be at TREEEC if you really want to do easier and better business. The first step is to become a private member by using the ICO. It will be exciting, guaranteed.