Let’s make TREEEC great

Posted on July 20, 2018, 11:07 am
5 mins

It’s been a while, two years, that I’ve posted on my blog regularly. I admit, I asked myself if it makes sense to promote such a large and complex idea as TREEEC through contributions that only reach a modest circle of people in Germany. The answer was then, no, that does not make sense. If TREEEC is to find the broad resonance it needs to get it going, then additional preparations are necessary and  international goals have to be targeted from the beginning.

We did that and used the past two years to bring TREEEC into a structure and supplement it with organisational units such as a small but powerful publisher, to start immediately in a higher league. Recently we launched an ICO, an Initial Coin Offering, in the circle of members first and since yesterday publicly advertising and inviting to become member of TREEEC and user of its most important tool, TREEEC MONEY, the “new and better money “.

The response of the existing members has been quite encouraging, although the number of tokens sold, representing units of new money, is still modest compared to the scale we are actually looking for. If you take a closer look, you will discover that it is somehow an “asymmetrical” ICO, because it does not show the exaggerated euphoria about cryptocurrency, even though TREEEC MONEY leaves them all behind, nor is it limited to a short while, in that all tokens should be sold as fast as possible. The tokens and thus the units of TREEEC MONEY are limited only by the real values ​​that can be connected to them, and that’s a lot.

We even held back on the prospects for TREEEC MONEY, hiding it between the lines of the website and the whitepaper. We just do not want to spark euphoria on profits with any promises, as in the case of TREEEC it’s not about quick money, but about real values, sustainability and safety. First of all, we see in the foreground that those who come to TREEEC and join in can assess the dimensions and possibilities of this great project.

In the world, there are some people in high political functions, who see politics as a sandbox game and even prefer to cover the sandbox with concrete to make it unusable for children and the weak. But even through their possibly incomprehensible actions 10 years after the last upheavals of the financial markets it currently does not look like a major financial crash to be imminent. But the nasty is, such crashes announce themselves scarcely before, and if tomorrow a financial shake shatters the world, we should not be surprised.

We are working on it, and we need the funds from the ICO for that, to put TREEEC MONEY into action. Then those who have TREEEC MONEY and trust in TREEEC can no longer be cutted the ground from under their feet and cause them to fall into heavy losses or even into the abyss. But it would not even need such a crash, a natural disaster of a certain magnitude would have similar effects and make FIAT money unusable, if not larger cash reserves are stored at home. By contrast, TREEEC MONEY can also be used offline without the Internet and even without an external power supply.

But it is seen too narrow to understand TREEEC MONEY only as a hedging instrument in the event of a crash of any kind whatsoever. It is much more comprehensive a tool that must be used creatively to make the economy sustainable and to develop and bring all regions of the world to almost the same level. The gap between poor and rich can not last, it’s pretty much clear to everyone. If we want to get a grip on existing and announcing conflicts, we have no other choice. But now there is a suitable instrument for this, TREEEC and TREEEC MONEY. I’ll go into detail on how to put it into practice and how to do it. But it will not remain with the description of it, I rather hope to be able to report soon also on how already practical work is done for it. In any case, anyone who participates in TREEEC through the ICO is a co-designer of our and of his own – positive – future.